eReading FAQ

Q: What is MDN eReading?

A: This website is established to reach out to a greater audience who may be interested in learning Mandarin Chinese; and those who enjoy reading publications written in Traditional Chinese characters.

Q:If I reside in Taiwan, may I subscribe online?

A: The MDN eReading site is designed for members residing in countries or regions outside of Taiwan, and to allow these readers to access publications and services offered by our Foundation. Overseas subscribers may make purchases online with a credit card, and all items are priced in NT Dollars.

Q:Do I need to have a membership to make online purchases?

A: Yes. In order to provide readers with a secure online reading environment and to maintain website integrity, we do require that all users register to become a member.

Q:Do I need to download any software on my device?

A: No. Online subscriptions and publications may be viewed on any web browser (Chrome, IE, Safari, etc.) on any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone.) The publications are also compatible with the following systems: Windows, Android, or iOS.

Do my browsers need to be updated to the latest versions?

A: Users who used outdated web browsers may experience technical issues when viewing the online publications. We recommend that users should use one on the following: IE10, Chrome 44.0.2403.107, or Safari 8.0.1.

Q:Once I complete my purchase, can I cancel my subscriptions?

A : A: Please review our purchase and refund information via the following link:( )。

Q:Can I download or print out any of the online material?

A: At the present time, we do not allow users to print out or download our publications to protect the authors’ intellectual property rights. In the future, we may allow for some items to be available for download at the authors’ consent.

Q:Can I cancel a single subscription if I placed an order with multiple items?

A: You may request for refunds on individual subscription cancellations, depending on certain conditions being met. Each refund will be processed in accordance to the number of days passed in the subscription period, and a 3% processing fee is assessed for each cancellation.

Q:Does it make a difference if I used lower case or upper case letters to sign on to the website?

A: The username and verification codes are not affected by lower case or upper case letters, however the password is. Please also avoid using special characters.

Q:What do I do if I forget my password?

A: You may recover your password via the link below and follow the instructions to obtain a new password. Once this has been completed, you may continue to use our website.( )

Q:If I cancel a subscription, can I use the remaining balance to purchase another item?

A: No. Any cancellations will have to be processed as a refund, and the balance may not be used to purchase other items.