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  The Mandarin Daily News Foundation was founded in 1948 as a non-profit organization committed to public welfare and education. Over the years, teachers, parents, and students alike enjoy the various offerings such as newspapers, weekly journals, magazines, books, language classes, talents and crafts classes, and seminars; and these have contributed immensely to the global promotion and education of the Mandarin Chinese language.

  To reach out to a greater audience who may be interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, and those who enjoy reading publications written in Traditional Chinese characters, we have established the MDN eReading website. Not only can this website serve as a platform which allows readers all over the world to obtain quality materials in a convenient matter, but also enables our Foundation to promote the learning of Mandarin Chinese and contribute to the education of children and adolescents.

  Upon launching operations, the MDN eReading website will only admit overseas subscribers, or readers not residing in Taiwan. Credit card payments, denominated in US Dollars, may be made by the subscriber to view materials online. We endeavor to make a constant effort to update the website with more publications. In the future, we plan to provide subscribers with multimedia resources and services for the benefit of all members.