Membership rights

Prior to becoming a member of MDN eReading
please review and agree to adhere upon the terms listed in this agreement for your protection and rights.

1、Users must register as themselves, and not the details of a third party. Upon registration, please enter the user’s full name, address, email address and other pertinent information. These personal details will need to be accurate and complete, and maintained accordingly by the user in order to receive the most up-to-date information from this foundation. If any of the information provided is false or outdated, this website reserves the right to terminate the user’s access and membership.
2、Users are to set a unique username and password to access this site. The username and password must be kept in a secure place by the user. The user will also be responsible for any action performed on this website, and is forbidden upon performing any illicit actions.
3、In accordance with the Personal Information Act, this website may collect, use, and protect membership information for the purposes of: marketing, customer management and services, internet shopping, and other web-related activities pertaining to survey dissemination and statistics analyses.
These data points may be collected during the member’s registration or online shopping processes. The information includes:
(1)Membership identification: includes member name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, and email address…etc.
(2)Financial identification: such as a member’s credit card or financial institution account information.
The period and method of which membership information will be collected, used, and retained are bound by the following:
(1)Time period: upon registration to the date the member requests a discontinuation of use or the cessation of this website.
(2)Method: The usage of membership data, by this site, shall be limited to membership management, customer service and identification, cash flow, and EDM…etc.
(3)This website is committed to treating the privacy of each member with the utmost care and respect. Membership data shall be protected; and a member’s personal information, such as member name, address, email address…etc., shall not be sold, exchanged, or rented out to any outside organizations or individuals.
(4)This website may engage in partnerships with third parties in order to hold events which provide our members with additional services, benefits, and rights. Upon rendering said services or collecting and sharing data with the aforementioned partner, details will be posted on this website as notification to members. Prior to presenting membership information, members may elect to participate in the event or decline to participate.
4、This website may provide hyperlinks to other sites. This foundation has not fully vetted the information contained within these sites, and shall not bear any responsibility for the information, products, or services obtained on such other sites.
5、Members shall not alter, edit, distribute, publicize, or transmit any portion of this website, and shall have to apply for and receive approval from this foundation prior to replicating any portion of this website.
6、Members shall agree to have their account, password or access removed for website security purposes, including the lack of use. This website shall not be held liable for any damages caused to the member or any third party.
7、This website reserves the right to put on hold, suspend, or deny partial or all services without prior notification under the following conditions. This website shall not bear any responsibility for any damages or obligations these disruptions may cause to the member:
(1)Maintenance or upgrades related to website hardware and software.
(2)Conditions where the user violates any government laws or any portion of these terms of use.
(3)Disruptions or stoppage related to natural disasters.
(4)Disruptions or stoppage not caused by this website.
(5)Unauthorized changes, misinformation, edits, deletions, or extracts to this site by external parties contributing to disruptions or stoppage.
(6)Other conditions where this website deems a temporary suspension of services is required.
8、Prior to any system maintenance, this website will post a notice prior to the event.
9、Products available on this website are aimed at providing users a platform to read contents from our publication online, and are not digital copies of such publications. The contents are current with our print copies, but will reflect or provide correction services.
10、This website aims to give users well-timed services and functions and shall not bear responsibility or guarantees for damages incurred by the user.